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Off-road Vashlovani and Shatili


Tbilisi, Signagi, Shatili, Stepantsminda, Mutso, Tusheti, Ardoti

10 Days


Change Airport
  • Adventure
  • Bespoke
  • Off-road


Day 1: Kutaisi Airport – Tbilisi (250 km)

  • arrival in Kutaisi.
  • a short stop for a snack after the flight.
  • transfer to Tbilisi and hotel accommodation.
  • welcome dinner in the old town.
  • optional night tour of the old town.
  • overnight stay at a hotel in Tbilisi.

Day 2: Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Tbilisi Sightseeing (60 km)

  • after breakfast, visit the surroundings of Tbilisi – the city of Mtskheta, which served as the capital until the 5th century AD; visiting the legendary Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, the coronation and eternal resting place of the rulers of Georgia; transfer to the Jvari Monastery located on top of the hill.
  • free time, break for an individual meal.
  • sightseeing in the capital, walk along Shota Rustaveli Avenue and the old town, visit to the Sioni Cathedral and the Anchiskhati Basilica, cable car ride to Narikala Fortress with a wonderful view of the city, walk to the waterfall in the city center in the sulfur baths district.

Day 3: Tbilisi – Davit Gareja – Supra – Bodbe – Signagi (235 km)

  • after breakfast, drive to the steppe in the south of the country and visit the complex of rock monasteries of Davit Gareja, carved as early as the 6th century, near the border with Azerbaijan.
  • lunch break in Udabno serving specialties of Swan cuisine.
  • drive to Signagi – a town with a 2.5-kilometer defensive wall, known for the oldest wine festival in Georgia, and on the way, visit the Bodbe Monastery – the burial place of St. Nino, who converted Georgia to Christianity.
  • organization of supra – a traditional Georgian feast at a friendly host’s winery, combined with wine tasting, local food, Georgian cuisine workshops (bread baking, making churchkhela or khinkali), and live music.
  • overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 4: Signagi – Vashlovani National Park – Pantishara – Mijniskure (110 km)

  • departure to the southeast towards Vashlovani National Park on the border with Azerbaijan.
  • registration at the park office in Dedoplistskaro, shopping before the further journey.
  • safari in Vashlovani National Park with a unique semi-desert climate and African landscape; drive through the Pantishara canyon.
  • picnic break.
  • arrival at the Mijniskure campsite, setting up tents, making a campfire, and preparing dinner.
  • overnight stay in bungalows.

Day 5: Mijniskure – Vashlovani – Shiraki – Dedoplistskaro – Sighnaghi (120 km)

  • breakfast at the campsite.
  • off-road through canyons, dried riverbeds, stops at viewpoints.
  • drive towards the highest point in Vashlovani Park – Shavi Mta.
  • drive through the abandoned Shiraki military base and airport.
  • Georgian evening: organization of supra – a traditional Georgian feast at a friendly host’s winery, combined with wine tasting, local food, Georgian cuisine workshops, and barbecue.
  • accommodation in a hotel, overnight stay.

Day 6: Sighnaghi – Ananuri – Rafting – Stepantsminda (260 km)

  • after breakfast, departure from Kakheti towards the famous Georgian Military Highway, connecting Tbilisi with Vladikavkaz.
  • stop at the Ananuri Fortress from the 17th century, beautifully located above the Zhinvali reservoir.
  • optional rafting on the Aragvi River, picnic by the river.
  • lunch break.
  • stop at the beautiful viewpoint just before the Cross Pass (2395 m above sea level).
  • accommodation in Stepantsminda, free time, dinner, overnight stay.

Day 7: Stepantsminda – Truso Valley – Tsminda Sameba – Stepantsminda (70 km)

  • after breakfast, departure by off-road vehicles to Truso Valley, known for its mineral springs, lakes, medieval defensive towers, Abano Monastery, and Zakagori Fortress.
  • walk in the valley, tasting mineral waters, and a picnic in nature with local shepherds and barbecue.
  • drive to the town of Stepantsminda (formerly Kazbegi) and visit one of the most beautifully located monasteries in Georgia – Tsminda Sameba, which is located at an altitude of 2170 m above sea level at the foot of Mount Kazbek (5033 m above sea level).
  • return to Gudauri/Stepantsminda, dinner, and overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 8: Stepantsminda – Mutso – Shatili/Ardoti (225 km)

  • after breakfast, departure from Stepantsminda, heading east towards Shatili in Khevsureti, near the border with Chechnya, with stops at scenic viewpoints and a drive through the Datvis Jvari Pass (2689 m).
  • picnic in the lap of nature.
  • arrival in Shatili, a medieval complex of defensive towers and stone houses dating back to the 7th century.
  • drive towards Mutso – hike to the rocky hill where the fortress with stone defensive towers is located, offering a beautiful panorama of Khevsureti.
  • accommodation, free time, dinner, and overnight stay.

Day 9: Shatili/Ardoti – Anatori – Kutaisi (350 km)

  • after breakfast, departure by jeeps towards Mutso – hike to the rocky hill where the fortress with stone defensive towers is located, offering a beautiful panorama of Khevsureti.
  • en route, visit the crypts of Anatori – a now abandoned village where centuries ago houses turned into a cemetery.
  • lunch along the way.
  • return to Kutaisi, free time, farewell dinner in the old town.
  • overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 10: Transfer to the airport (25 km)

  • transfer to the airport



The provided offer can be adjusted to meet the requirements of each client. We can suggest the appropriate standard of hotels, enrich the program with additional attractions, start from any airport in Georgia, and extend it for any number of days.





If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help you organize your dream trip!

In Short

  • Tbilisi – the capital of Georgia, the largest and one of the most beautiful cities located in the valley of the Mtkvari River (Kura), surrounded by hills. Explore the old town, Narikala Fortress, dating back to the 4th century, and the district of sulfur baths.
  • Mtskheta – the first capital of Georgia listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where Georgia adopted Christianity (in 326 AD), often called “little Jerusalem” with the majestic Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and the Jvari Monastery, built in the 6th century, offering a beautiful view of Mtskheta and the confluence of the Mtkvari (Kura) and Aragvi rivers.
  • Kakheti – the heart of Georgia and the homeland of wine, known for the most famous vineyards in the Caucasus, appellations, and endemic grape varieties. A region of delicious dishes, charming towns, and historic monasteries.
  • Signagi – the pearl of Kakheti with a beautiful view of the Alazani Valley and the High Caucasus Mountains. Picturesque “town of love” with a well-preserved defensive wall spanning 2.5 kilometers.
  • Georgian supra – a traditional dinner with toasts, live music, and Georgian cuisine specialties at a private winery.
  • David Gareja – a famous complex of rock monasteries carved as early as the 6th century, located near the border with Azerbaijan, and lunch in the town of Udabno on the steppes in a charming restaurant serving Swan cuisine specialties.
  • Safari in the Vashlovani National Park – characterized by a semi-desert climate, with wild leopards, hyenas, and birds of prey. Off-road through dried riverbeds surrounded by African landscapes.
  • Georgian Military Highway – one of the most spectacular mountain routes with the Cross Pass (2395 meters above sea level) and the Ananuri Fortress located above the Zhinvali Reservoir.
  • Stepantsminda – a town amidst the High Caucasus Mountains with the Tsminda Sameba temple set against the majestic Mount Prometheus – Kazbek (Mkinvartsveri) 5054 meters.
  • Full-day off-road trip to Truso Valley and picnic in the open air with local shepherds and barbecue.
  • Rafting with a picnic on the mountainous Aragvi River.
  • Uplistsikhe – the oldest rock city in Georgia, where the first traces of settlement date back to 2,000 BC, one of the most important trading points on the Silk Road.
  • Shatili – a medieval complex of defensive towers and stone houses dating back to the 7th century.
  • Mutso – according to legend, never conquered, now an abandoned medieval defensive complex on the border with Chechnya.
  • Anatori – a crypt with preserved human remains.
  • Kutaisi – the third largest city in Georgia, known from mythology for the story of the Argonauts and the quest for the Golden Fleece. The capital of the Imereti region with a charming old town and the majestic Bagrati Cathedral from 1003 towering over the city.

Price includes

  • preparation and development of a detailed program, supervision over its implementation
  • transportation by air-conditioned minibus/coach, airport transfers
  • mineral water in the bus 0.5L/person per day
  • guarantee of providing a replacement minibus/coach in case of breakdown
  • hotel or guesthouse/private vineyard reservations and check-ins
  • organization of a supra at a private vineyard, with a Tamada and Georgian toasts and local wine
  • welcome dinner combined with a show of traditional Georgian dances
  • off-road vehicles on the tour route
  • meals: two meals a day (breakfasts, hearty Georgian dinners)
  • drinks: mineral water, coffee and tea, wine for dinner at restaurants
  • English-speaking guide, pilot services
  • telephone consultations for tour members [for small groups]

Price does not include

  • airfare
  • personal expenses
  • additional meals during the day (lunch)
  • entrance tickets, wine tastings at wineries