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General Rental Information

Driving License:

For one year after your arrival, you can drive in Georgia using a driving license that is produced in the Cyrillic or Latin alphabet. For the period of a year or less, you don’t need an international driving license.

Age Restriction: 

You must be at least 21 years old and have held your driving license for a minimum of 1 year in order to rent a car. If you meet this criteria, you are insured automatically with the driving conditions listed below.

For any additional drivers, they are insured automatically under the same conditions that bind the initial driver, so long as the second driver is driving in the presence of the initial driver.

Booking of Vehicle: 

There are many ways you can book your vehicle, all the while knowing you’ll have the best of comfort in whichever car you choose. The following are some of the fantastic ways you can easily book your vehicle.

Online Reservation: 

There are many ways to book a car:

Online booking: You can check available cars at . The booking is free, you can change or cancel it at any time, free of charge. We do not take prepayments, we do not take deposits for most cars, it is possible to settle in cash at the time of rental.

If you have any questions about your booking please email us and we’ll be happy to help.

Telefon/whatsapp: +995 558 142 307

Email reservation: 

You can make changes to your booking free of charge up to 24 hours before the agreed pick-up date. If you have made an advance payment or the entire amount – any possible differences will be refunded to you (the amount may differ slightly if the bank charges a transfer fee).

Cancellation Policy:

You have the right to cancel your reservation free of charge up to 24 hours before the agreed date of picking up the car. If you have made an advance payment or the entire amount – any possible differences will be refunded to you (the amount may differ slightly if the bank charges a transfer fee).
It is possible to shorten the reservation and return the car earlier during the trip – the unused amount will be refunded in the amount of 40% for unused days.

Remember: card payments will be refunded in full if they were made up to 2 weeks ago.

Over 2 weeks, a transfer fee of EUR 35 will be deducted.


You do not need to make any prepayment in order to book. A reservation made online, by e-mail or by phone is 100% guaranteed. Just confirm / click on the activation link that you will receive by e-mail.


The amount for renting a car must be made on the day of collecting the car in its entirety. We do not take deposits on most of our cars (*except for some models).

Payment methods:


2.Transfer (must be made at least one week before the pick-up date) also required for the VAT invoice.

3.Card payment (here 3.5% of the booking value is added to the amount) – it can be made on the day of picking up the car (online card payment is not possible). To pay by card, please inform us up to 24 hours before picking up the car.

The price includes all taxes, 100% car insurance, unlimited “second driver” and unlimited mileage.

Insurance and age of the driver

Full car insurance in the event of an accident caused by your fault.

Full car insurance against damage caused by a “third party”.

Full car insurance in the event of damage caused by fire, burglary by a “third person”.

Full insurance in the event of damage to another vehicle (regardless of whose fault) up to $50,000.

Full insurance for accessories (mirrors, windows, etc.)

*Tyre damage during an off-road trip is not included in insurance by companies in Georgia. The cost of replacing a tire is approximately EUR 95.

Every driver over the age of 21 has the above insurance, as long as the main signing driver is present in the car.

At the special request of the insurer, it may be required to send scans of documents in advance (passport, ID, driving license)

In the case of every collision, collision or event, damage to the car, a mandatory call to the Police is required – the requirement of the insurer in Georgia.

Such difficult roads as Tusheti, Khevsureti, Vashlovani and Ushguli-Lentekh Connecting road and other similar roads is possible to move only with Difficult Off-Road Vehichles category, driving other category cars on the road like this carries a fine of 500€

Pick-up/returning the car:

Our office hours are 10:00-18:00 from Monday to Friday. Reserved cars can be picked up at no extra cost 24/7 by appointment. Delivery and collection of the car (also 24/7) is made for an additional fee (more information in the booking process). In the event of a serious breakdown or damage to the car, we reserve the right to replace it with a car of the same class.

Pickup and drop-off from the same or different location is automatically included in the booking process. Crossing borders by car is possible, but collection and return must be made in Georgia.

Fees may be added for exceeding the car return time.

Crossing borders:

You can drive our car to the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan (marked crossings). Please note that not all cars are allowed in Azerbaijan, please check in advance.

Crossing borders requires a special certificate issued by a notary public in two languages and costs EUR 69.

Remember that it takes one business day and can be done before your arrival, after prior arrangement with us and receipt of a copy of your passport.


Additional AccessoriesAccessory EUR/Day
WIFI HotSpot 4GB9.00 per rental
Child Seat/Baby seat4.00 per day
Permit to cross the border69.00

A full list of accessories and camping equipment can be found in the booking system.



Georgia Adventure Club will provide efficient and satisfactory service. We will help you choose the car according to your expectations and at the best price.

number /whatsapp: +995 558 142 307